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The top single-player games

The containment period has been rather beneficial for the notoriety of board games, especially for solo games. Over the past 2 years, the number of exclusively solo or solo games has exploded, this feature has even become a marketing argument.

Which games are played alone that are unanimous and worth a visit? You will find the answer separated into two TOP 6s: one for games with a French-language version and another for those who don’t. In order to guarantee a certain objectivity, the lists you will discover are compilations of a dozen videos less than 6 months on the subject, as well as a survey conducted on Boardgamegeek.

Top 6 VF games

6th position: Onirim

Onirim is a cooperative card game in which you will have to escape from a dreamlike maze. To do this, you’ll have to play cards in a certain order to get the keys to get away. The single player mode is the same as the multiplayer game mode.

Created by Shadi Torbey. Edited by Z-Man Games (VF at Filosofia)

5th position: Anachrony

Anachrony propels you into an apocalyptic future following the crash of a meteorite. You are at the head of a clan of the new civilization and you will have to use a mysterious and unstable time travel technology to prepare for the cataclysm. The game is a complex worker placement that takes place in a limited number of rounds. The solo mode is governed by a highly advanced and aggressive automaton that will give you a hard time.

Created by David Turczi, Richard Amman and Viktor Peter. Edited by Mindclash Games (VF at Novalis)

4th position: Marvel Champions – The card game

Marvel Champions is the latest in the evolutionary card games released at FFG. It allows you to play as different heroes in the Marvel universe to fight villains by preventing them from carrying out their shenanigans. It’s an evolutionary card game, which means you build your deck before the game according to your taste and the enemy to face. The solo mode is played in the same way as several… just in a shorter time.

Created by Michael Boggs, Nate French and Caleb Grace. Edited by Fantasy Flight Games (VF at Asmodée)

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3rd position: Horror in Arkham – The card game

A little older than his little brother that we just left in 4th position, Horror in Arkham is also an evolutionary card game. It is set in the world of H.P. Lovecraft and allows you to play as investigators investigating the Myth. The mechanics are quite similar to those of Marvel Champions (or rather the other way around), except that Horror in Arkham has a very narrative campaign system, pushing you to make choices that can backfire on you in a future game. The solo game is identical to the duo game.

Created by Nate French and Matthew Newman. Edited by Fantasy Flight Games (VF at Asmodée)

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2nd position: Spirit Island

Spirit Island is a cooperative game in which you play as spirits of nature trying to stop the colonization of your island by Europeans. You must manage to contain the aggressive expansion of these newcomers with your powers and the help of the local tribes that adore you, while avoiding the ransacking of your land. The single player is played in the same way as the multiplayer game.

Created by R. Eric Reuss. Edited by Greater Than Games (VF at Intrafin)

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1st position: Mage Knight

Mage Knight is an epic game combining role-playing and deck building elements in a board game. The game is quite complex but with excellent depth and a licked universe in which you will have heartbreaking choices to make, building your character’s destiny. The solo is identical to the multiplayer game. Note that the French version is the Ultimateedition, including the 3 extensions and revised rules.

Created by Vlaada Chvatil. Edited by Wizkids (VF at Intrafin)

Top 6 games in VO

6th position: Lisboa

Lisboa takes you to Portugal after the Great Earthquake of 1755. You play as a notable participant in the reconstruction of Lisbon. This is a big hand management game of tile placement cards and influence control. The solo is governed by an automaton.

Created by Vital Lacerda. Edited by Eagle-Gryphon Games.

5th position: The City of Kings

The City of Kings is a tactical cooperative game in which you will have the task of exploring the world and confronting the enemies of the City of Kings. This game is played in the countryside and presents itself as a real strategic puzzle.

Created by Frank West. Edited by The City of Games

4th position: Coffee Roaster

This exclusively solo game offers you to make the best coffees by finding the ideal roasting. On a principle of pool-building and push your luck,it takes you into a universe quite unique.

Created by Saashi. Edited by Stronghold Games

3rd position: Adventure Games

More than a game, it is a series of games (like Exit or Unlock)based on a similar mechanics. Here, it’s close to a book of which you are the hero, divided into 3 chapters of about 1:30 each. There are currently 4 boxes, and it will be translated for the French-speaking market during 2020 at Iello.

Created by Matthew Dunstan and Phil Walter-Harding

2nd position: Nemo’s War

Based on Jules Verne’s book 20,000 leagues under the seas, this game at the base created for solo allows you to control the Nautilus and go on an adventure on the seas. The main mechanics proposed is territory control and offers you a different epilogue depending on your game.

Created by Chris Taylor. Edited by Victory Point Games

1st position: Too Many Bones

In a fantastic universe created for the occasion, Too Many Bones takes you into a game based on dice and poker chips. Improve your character to get through multiple fights in a story-rich campaign. This game has multiple extensions to lengthen the fun of the game.

Created by Josh J. Carlson and Adam Carlson. Edited by Chip Theory Games

The final word

The selections presented are varied and offer games for all player profiles. However, a top has more interest in being a subjective exercise. That’s why I suggest you guess what is the top 10 solo playable games in my collection, looking at the images below. Give me your answers in comments and tell us what your favorite solo game is!

Small clue, only 2 games were mentioned in the previous lists.

YouTube channels used as sources for this article

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