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Délai de fabrication
1 to 3 weeks
Frais de ports
Offered from 65€ on (FR BE DE LUX NL)
OFFERED FROM 120€ ON (world)

Nouveaux produits

  • takenoko_chibis_insert_organizer

    Insert Takenoko (Chibis box)

    12,90 Add to cart
  • maracaibo_insert_organizer

    Insert Maracaibo

    27,9045,80 See options
  • underwater_cities_insert_organizer_pimeeple

    Insert Underwater Cities

    23,50 Add to cart
  • paladin_west_kingdom_insert_organizer

    Rangement Paladins du Royaume de l’Ouest

    15,90 Add to cart
  • ascension_organizer_insert

    Rangement jeu Ascension

    28,90 Add to cart
  • seasons_insert_organizer_pimeeple

    Rangement pour Seasons

    29,90 Add to cart
  • token_tray pimeeple

    Stackable Board Game Token Tray

    1,201,50 See options
  • Barrage_organizer_insert

    Rangement pour Barrage le jeu

    59,90 Add to cart
  • Lotus_insert_organizer

    Insert jeu Lotus

    12,90 Add to cart
  • descent_2nd_dashboard_hero

    Dashboard Descent 2nde edition

    4,90 Add to cart

Produits populaires

  • Abyss_conspiracy_insert_pimeeple

    Insert Conspiracy abyss universe

    2,00 Add to cart
  • Gwardians_63x88_sleeves

    Gwardians® sleeves standard size 63,5 X 88mm

    4,20 Add to cart
  • wingspan_insert_organizer_box

    Insert Wingspan all expansions

    32,90 Add to cart
  • palm_island_palm-aid_stand

    Palm'Aid Island

    2,907,50 See options

Coming soon

New storage for your game boxes coming soon!

century-spice-road copie
Century - la trilogie
zombicide invaders
Zombicide Invaders
Imperial Settlers + expansions
Lord of the Rings - Journey to the Middle-earth

PIMeePle: What is it? was born from the ambition of a passionate of the playful world and 3D printing. At the time he used to print his boxes with pencil cardboard and white glue! It's over thanks to the arrangements studied by As all players know, it's more convenient to store all expansions with the basic game to transport them. offers the solution to store your board games uprightready to play in record time! Our products are exclusively made in France Enjoy !

Rent and sell games with your neighbours with this new free app on your mobile (ios and android)!

Organize your toy library everywhere you go! Pimeeple support, why not you?

Thanks also to Bragelonne Games game editor who opened the doors of his toy library; discover their new Games edited on Facebook.

For our storage prototypes, among our contributors, we have theAntre du Blup, Warhammer store And Games Shop in Chartres.

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