Compatible storage for Age of Towers (Kickstarter version)

Compatible storage for Age of Towers (Kickstarter version)


The game Age of Towers in its Kickstarter version offers an astronomical amount of quality material to organize! To save time and to be able to start a game quickly, it was necessary to create a very convenient storage and usable in-game. The organizer accepts unprotected cards and protected cards (sleeves).

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This storage (version 2.0) allows you to store all the material of the Kickstarter version of Age of Towers! A game with a ton of pawns now stored for an ultra-fast and organized start-up set-up.

Age of Towers compatible storage content:

  • 2 modules for monster tokens, distributed by Boss and by stacks (one for each player).
  • 3 removable quest, unexpected and solo card dispensers.
  • 1 module for Boss and Orcquest tokens.
  • 1 module for Bonus and Meeples tokens.
  • 1 module for square tiles per player.
  • 1 module for markers of each color.
  • 1 module for Buildings.
  • 3 modules for the turrets of each color (red, yellow, blue).
  • 1 module for ghost and zombie tokens.


Some modules have been redesigned in v2.0, here is the video storage v1.0:


Age of Towers and its extensions are games published by Devil Pig Games. The latter assumes no responsibility for the compatible storage offered on


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